At RGS we assure quality using a three-level approach. At the highest level is our Quality Management System (QMS), which includes our structure, personnel, and policies. Processes are defined and monitored at this level, enabling lessons learned and improvements to be shared across all projects. The foundation of our QMS is based on compliance with ISO 9001-2015. Basically, we strive for continuous improvement in the quality of our services by correcting the processes so that quality continues to improve.


At the design (second) level we build in quality assurance so that failures and deficiencies can be detected, corrected, and then used to change processes.


Before project development begins we establish the third level—our quality control plan (QCP) The QCP states our quality targets/standards, quality responsibilities, and our procedures/approaches for attaining high-quality performance specifically for the project.

Responsible Personnel:

Our Quality Control (QC) personnel include a corporation-assigned Quality Assurance Manager QAM), with overall responsibility for overseeing RGS’s quality, and the Quality Control Manager (QCM) who is responsible at the project level for applying RGS’s quality checks and procedures, foreseeing and resolving problems, and applying on-the-spot corrections.


The corporate QAM also carries out periodic visits to the project location to listen and respond to client needs and to review the QCM’s records and QC measures.

Standard Operating Procedures:

The QCM, who is often also the project manager, monitors activities (customer/user complaints, breakdown in documentation, repetitive operator problems, and repetitive equipment breakdowns) and takes immediate remedial action when necessary. Although the actions taken vary from situation to situation, the fundamental process is to define the problem, analyze its nature and dimension, develop a solution, implement the solution, monitor progress, and repeat as necessary.

Quality Control Mechanisms:

Trouble tickets are used where applicable and users are periodically polled for their input. We also employ Benchmarking, where applicable, using past project quality performance to measure current performance in order to highlight areas for improvement. Another mechanism is Cause and Effect Analysis as a structured means to link potential causes such as deficiencies in time, manpower, processes, and personnel, to current problems incurred.

Inspection and Feedback:

Spot-check inspections (including how service personnel interface with users and peers) and feedback helps to detect defects early and improve quality. We also use peer reviews as necessary.

Deficiency Identification:

At the start of the project, where applicable, the PM will develop a control chart to compare actual results with expected results including upper and lower control limits. For example, for a task order calling for upgrading, testing, or servicing of 150 desktops and laptops, we would establish a total time period and a subsequent progress rate, say 10 per week. We would then set upper and lower control limits. By monitoring actual performance against our control chart are able to recognize deficiencies and take timely remedial actions.

Performance Metrics:

We first plan how the quality of our deliverables will be measured. We then set up quality targets and the measurements to make in order to determine the degree the targets are being met. In the process, we strive for improving efficiency and to identify and eliminate redundant or wasteful processes that do not contribute to the end results or add little or no value.

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